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Rectal bleeding can be the result of eating contaminated food. Take the antibiotics for the entire time prescribed, to eliminate the infection and stop the bleeding. Sometimes, the bleeding will go away on its own, due to the bodys natural healing process. How to stop rectal bleeding mild cases of rectal bleeding can be controlled and treated by consuming a high-fiber diet, drinking lots of water, thereby reducing strain in the anal region. Presence of bright red blood after bowel movement is termed as rectal bleeding. The bleeding may result in bright red blood in the stool as well as maroon colored or black stool. The bleeding also may be occult (not visible with the human eye). The common causes of rectal bleeding from the colon include anal fissure, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, colon cancer and polyps, colonic polyp removal, angiodysplasias. Bleeding from the bottom (rectal bleeding) a small amount of one-off bleeding from the bottom is not usually a serious problem. Rectal bleeding, or bleeding from rectum, is a type of gastrointestinal or gi bleeding. When you have true rectal bleeding (rather than blood in your stool as a result of bleeding somewhere else in the digestive system), its often very mild and will stop on its own within a short amount of time. Anal fissures, anal abscesses or fistulas, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcers,. Though it may be alarming, light spotting immediately after is possible. But if youre experiencing heavier bleeding, it could be a sign. The rectum is the last portion of the large bowel that ends just before the anus. Bleeding from this area can be mild, serious, or even life threatening the presence of rectal bleeding must be carefully checked because it may indicate something is wrong somewhere else in the gastrointestinal (gi) tract. A lot of anal tears are so small that they dont bleed, and you often wont notice if you have one, but they can absolutely cause a bit of bleeding that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

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